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House of Leaves
House of Leaves is actually two stories in one. The first story is called The Navidson Record, which, stylistically, is an academic paper devoting itself to a general analysis of the (fictional, even within the book) much-debated documentary, The Navidson Record. The Navidson Record is about a family, led by photojournalist Will Navidson and his life partner, Karen Green, who moves into a house in Virginia. Will and Karen hope to re-invigorate ...
Only Revolutions
Only Revolutions tells the story of two kids, Hailey and Sam, who are sixteen years old and do not age. Their stream-of-consciousness narratives, although seemingly taking place at the same time, actually occur 100 years apart from one another's. They still tell the same stories though - they talk about meeting each other for the first time and embarking on a years-long cross-country tour. Along the way they meet the enigmatic Creep, a shady vil...