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Forget Me Not (Romance)
Warner, Dec 2004, 5.99, 384 pp. ISBN: 0446614823 While in North Korea on a mission to steal four SAMs, a SEALS teammate attacks Gabe Renault, leaving him to die. Gabe's only regret is not telling his wife Helen that he loves her. That thought and seeing his teenage stepdaughter Mallory keeps Gave alive in a North Korean prison. One year later Gabe escapes and comes home with partial amnesia of the last few years including not recognizing hi...
Forget Me Not (Literature)
Gabe Renault a Navy Seal is captured while on a mission in North Korea. One year goes by. Helen Renault was just given the news that her husband was declared dead by the goverment. When she gets a call from the Navy hospital telling her that her husband was alive, but could not remember the last three years of his life. They had only been married a little over a year when he had been captured. So he remembers nothing about her or her daughter(a thirte...
In the Dark Seal Team 12
Hannah Geary was a CIA agent until her parents were killed then she went to work for the Defense Intelligence Department so that she could still use her talents and stay at home while her brother continued with school. When she and her partner stumble onto a suspected gun running investigation her partner is killed and suddenly she finds herself in a Cuban prison with no real hope of getting out. To make matters worse it appears that the person behind ...