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By Starlight
Berkley, Jul 2003, 5.99, 304 pp. ISBN: 0425191036 In 1154 England, Mother Agnes informs Sister Mary that she will burn at the stakes for attempted murder, heresy, and malefaction. Stunned, she insists she is only a healer. Sir Luke Le Noir arrives with his army at Mount Grace Priory. He rescues Mary, who tells him to call her by her real name Merry. Merry asks him to take her to Heathersgill, home of her mother, but he thinks her brother-in...
Danger's Promise
Jove, Mar 2002, 5.99, 312 pp. ISBN: 0515132756 In 1150 North York Moors, Christian La Croix known as the Slayer for his ferocity at war, saves his newborn's life by cutting the infant out of his dying wife's body. He blames himself for Genrose's death because she was doing fine in her labor until the midwife arrived. Though he saved the child, everyone concludes that he murdered Genrose as the omen predicted nine months ago from the blood a...