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Heart of a Tiger
Marlys Rold Five Star, Mar 2004, 26.9, 222 pp. ISBN: 1594141134 Interior Designer Kelly Griffin travels to Bangladesh in hopes of finding her lost brother photographer Jeff. However, the only person who would be worth serving as her guide into the dangerous Sundabans region, home of the man-eating tigers, is the half-drunk American Sam Tanner. He tells her that her sibling is dead and she needs to go home. When an earthquake devastates the ar...
The Mercenary
Five Star, Sep 2002, 26.95, 307 pp. ISBN: 0786240784 American Jennifer Holt hires Matt Blackburn to retrieve her beloved five year old daughter Amber, abducted by her ex-spouse Ahmed Monem and taken to Algeria. Matt sets in motion the attempt, but is unable to persuade Jennifer that she needs to remain in a safe house. Jennifer feels strongly she must come insisting that her daughter needs her because she suffers from diabetes. Matt leads hi...