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The Mirror
When Shay Gerrett looks into the grotesque and evil mirror she recieves as a gift on her wedding eve, she is drawn back in time, awakening in the same house, but in another body, that of her grandmother, Brandy. The independent and headstrong Brandy is transported as well... from seventy-five years in the past into her grand-daughter, Shay's, deserted body. Shay is forced to live the life of her grandmother, being called crazy by all of society and is to...
The Rampant Reaper
St. Martin's, Aug 2002, 23.95, 288 pp. ISBN: 0312290969 Though her preference would be to stay home in Southern California, literary agent Charlie Greene agrees to accompany her adopted mother attending a funeral in Myrtle, Iowa. Charlie has not met this side of the family that has never accepted adoption as a source of viable kin. Still, Charlie would do almost anything for her mother, biology professor Edwina Greene, including meeting the ext...