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Midnight Honor
Bantam, Apr 2001, 6.50, 432 pp. ISBN: 0440235227 In 1745, the Moy clan is divided as its leader Angus fights for the English King while most of the Scots want to support Prince Charles. When his wife Anne overhears Angus' scorn of her to his English compatriots, she angrily agrees to lead the clan in the support of Charles. As battle after battle occur, and the war swings back and forth, Anne becomes a rallying point as Colonel Anne. ...
My Forever Love
Ciaran Timberlane is a dishonored knight, living in exile at his uncle's almost deserted castle. Cairan was dishonored after taking up arms against a fellow knight and walking away from a battle during the “crusades” in the mid-east. Cairan was a member of a prestigious knight society that also meant he has devoted his life to god and was also known by many as the Dragon Slayer. Amie de Langois aka. Elizabeth aka. Amaranth is a woman in hiding from ...
The Iron Rose
Signet, Mar 2003, 6.99, 368 pp. ISBN: 0451208153 In 1614 in the Caribbean, the Spanish vessel Santo Domingo attacks the English merchant ship Argus. It becomes obvious to outside observer Privateer Captain Juliet Dante of the IRON ROSE that the Spaniards plan to sink the Argus, killing everyone on board. Her crew surprises the Santo Domingo and captures that boat while saving the lives of most of the English on board the destroyed Argus. Inclu...
The Wind and the Sea
Courtney Farrow, the daughter of infamous pirate Duncan Farrow, has proven that she can fight, loot, sail, and swear as well as any pirate in her father's crew. When Duncan Farrow is killed in a battle against an American ship, Courtney is left with her uncle on their island to fight a different battle against the Yankees. Though determined to defend their home, the pirates are defeated and Courtney, disguised as a young boy, is captured by Amercan Lieut...

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