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"EXPERIENCE", a memoir by the English writer, Martin Amis, portrays his famous novelist father, Kingsley Amis, with all the foibles and fears that the latter's life contained. Taking his cue from his father's words spoken after divorcing his second wife,"Well, it's all experience,...pity there had to be so much of it.", Martin Amis discloses details about his own life, including his divorce, leaving two young sons, the way his father left him and h...
The Information
Richard Tull, former angry young man now eccentric, embittered middle aged man is a failed author. Gwyn Barry, his friend since university whom he considers intellectually and artistically inferior is a wildly successful author, albeit of what Tull considers "trex", basically literary slop. Tull sets out variously to have Barry physically harmed and socially and professionally ruined, with unlooked for results......
The Rachel Papers
Charles Highway approaches women in the same way he does his study of literature: systematically. He has binders full of observations, studies,and other ways in which he can bed women. In other words, he has made a study of the ways in which he can use women. But when he meets Rachel, just before he sits his exams to enter Oxford, he finds his plans secondary to his growing feelings for her. And luckily enough, she's attracted to him, too. As the fall pr...
Time's Arrow
Life is weird for the narrator of Time's Arrow. Things just don't seem to make sense. People walk backwards. Cars drive backwards. More importantly, he can't really seem to get inside the head of the body he inhabits, that of Dr. Tod Friendly: it's as though they are two separate selves. The man ditches his lovers, has sex with them, and then seduces them. Every Sunday he takes money out of the collection plate at church. He finds bits of himself in the ...

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Yellow Dog
When Xan Meo is hit over the head by an unknown assailant he experiences a change in personality which makes the previously ideal father and husband subject to his more primitive urges. Another plot concerns the journalist, Clint Smoker whose work for a tabloid newspaper involves sordid sex and scandals and whose own sexlife revolves around an internet affair. The King of England's family life provides yet another plot where the future Queen has been f...

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