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This novel was the first story of test pilot/astronaut Steve Austin. The experimental craft that Austin is test pioloting malfunctions. Austin, like any other dedicated test pilot, does not like to abandon his ship. He struggles up until it is too late to attempt to land the craft. The craft is destroyed. Austin barely survives the crash. His body is shattered in the accident. He has lost both legs, one arm, and 1 eye. Additionally, there is exten...
The God Machine
Set in the near future, the novel tells the story of Steve Rand, one of the brains behind Project 79. Project 79 is a top-secret US Government project dedicated to creating artificial intelligence. Rand survives an attempt on his life before he realizes that Project 79 has gained sentience and is trying to control the minds of humans and take over the world. Assisted by a security agent and a mathematician, Rand sets out to destroy Project 79 b...