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Mira, Jul 2003, 6.99, 408 pp. ISBN: 1551667002 Harris Henderson is in shock from the medical report that informs him that his beloved five-year-old daughter Marion suffers from the worst type of juvenile diabetes. Desperate he advertises for a caregiver, hoping to have someone apply to live in his isolated bird sanctuary and rehabilitation center in the wilderness in the South Carolina Low Country. However, he feels lucky when a registered pedi...
The Beach House
Mira, May 2002, 6.50, 416 pp. ISBN: 1551668998 Cara Rutledge may start believing bad things do come in threes. She lost her job; her boy friend knew she was unemployed before she did but failed to tell her making her wonder about their relationship; and her mother, needing to see her, asks Cara to return to South Carolina. Reluctantly, Cara decides to visit her mom Lovie, a card-carrying member of the Turtle Ladies. In Isle of Palms, South C...
The Book Club
Eve Porter is shattered when she gets the phone call telling her that her physician husband has died of a heart attack while away on a business trip. The friends of her book club rally to support her. Over the course of a year, Eve must move herself and two children in their early teens, from their upscale home to an apartment in the city. She has to deal with the return to work after two decades as an at home mother, and sort out her feelings about h...