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Girls Of Tender Age
Girls of Tender Age is Mary-Ann Tirone Smith's autobiograpical retelling of the origins of her family. The tells how her italian side and french candaian side came to be; her aunts and her uncles; her autistic brother; her adoring hard working father; and her possibly psychic mother. It's a chaotic and loving family that grew up in a housing project in the hard, post World War II era. Into this history of her family lurks a sinister serial killer named B...
Love Her Madly
The upcoming execution of Rona Leigh Glueck induces Poppy Rice to go to the prison in Texas where the now-religious Rona Leigh calmly awaits her death. Poppy wants to prove that Rona Leigh is innocent--she doesn't feel Rona Leigh with her tiny stature could have wielded the ax that killed two people twenty years before. On the day of the planned execution, Rona Leigh's followers which include several employees of the state, arrange for an escape and th...
She Smiled Sweetly
Back from a failed vacation, Poppy Rice is summoned by an Irish-Catholic fire marshall to look into a thirty-year-old death by drowning in Ireland. Poppy becomes entirely engrossed in the case when she recognizes the parallels between the Irish case and the case of an Irish-American girl who drowned in Boston just a year and a half before. Teamed up with Rocky Patel, a Boston homicide cop, for the American case, Poppy digs into the troubled history of ...
She's Not There
Holt, Feb 2003, 25.00, 336 pp. ISBN: 0805072233 DC based FBI Agent Poppy Rice and her boyfriend ATF Field Advisor Joe Barnow go on a “required” vacation on Block Island, Rhode Island after her harrowing war in Texas (see LOVE HER MADLY). While riding a bike, Poppy finds the corpse of a teen. Poppy performs her civil duty by calling the police. A local physician concludes that the female victim died from using bad drugs, but an autopsy proves...

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