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Dragonne's Eg
Sophy Lee is stuck in a rut. She's been teaching at the charity school in London since her parents died, and is resigned to spend the rest of her life teaching endless classes of children who don't really want to learn. Then a long-lost uncle dies and leaves her a letter, an old manuscript, an ivory carving, a ring, and an odd stone. The stone, his letter says, is a dragon's egg, which must be returned to the place in Asia from which it came. Desperate...
Pigs Don't Fly
When the village whore dies she leaves behind her fat daughter who doesn't even know her own name! Records reveal her name is Somerdai and she begins an arduous journey to find a promised husband. With her father's magic ring she finds she can speak to animals. She is joined by a foul-mouthed stray dog, a run down horse, a blind amnesiac knight, a messenger pidgeon with a broken wing, a tortoise and a winged pig. Each wants to find their home. ...