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A Bride For McCain
Jessica Tierney has been forced to flee 1876 Sacramento, California and pose as a schoolteacher to avoid being forced into a marriage forced on her by her father's will. Ross McCain, Colorado mine owner is determined that the children in his town will have the opportunity to be educated. Ross talks Jessica into a marriage of convenience to keep her in town, not knowing that she is not who she seems to be. Mary Burton's first book is a very good story!...
Rafferty's Bride
Harlequin Historical, Nov 2002, 5.25, ISBN: 0373292325 He joined the army in the forties as a teen, but the military never trained Captain Travis Rafferty on life as a prisoner of war languishing in a Confederate Prison. He is shocked that Meredith Carter, though niece to Dr. Castleman, brings a poultice to help an ailing POW. When the fevered soldier reveals to Meredith that the prisoners are escaping through a tunnel, Rafferty reluctantly al...
The Unexpected Wife
After the death of his wife, Matthias Barrington's sole concern was raising his two boys. He had no desire or intention of marrying again, but town matchmaker, Hilda Marie Clements had other plans for him. Without his knowledge she sent a mail-order bride for him. Abby Smyth ran away from her aunt and uncles to marry Matthias only to discover that he doesn't want a wife. With nowhere else to go and no money she accept his offer of working as his hous...