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Dreamers of the Day
Dreamers of the Day takes place right after World War I when the reader is introduced to the narrator of the story Agnes Shanklin. Agnes is an unmarried 40 year old teacher from Ohio. She is a lively spirited woman who is always seeking new knowledge. After the war ended another dreadful event took place, the influenza epidemic in which Agnes loses many of her family members. On a delightful note Agnes soon comes to find out that she will receive a la...
The Sparrow
In 2060, the sole survivor of an 8-person expedition to Rakhat, a planet in the Alpha Centauri system, returns to Earth. The expedition was cosponsored and financed by the Jesuits, and the order tucks him away in a hospital and then a spiritual retreat. The press has a field day because Father Sandoz apparently was found in a brothel and he killed a little alien girl the day of his discovery on Rakhat. _The Sparrow_ travels between the questioning his su...