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Daphne's Book
When Jessica's English teacher enters the class in the Write A Book contest, she is excited. She loves writing and hopes that she'll get paired up with Tracy, who used to be her best friend until Tracy started hanging out with girls who cared about clothes and boys. Unfortunately, Jessica gets paired up with Daphne. Daphne wears weird clothes and doesn't talk to anyone. Nobody likes her. If Jessica has to spend a lot of time working with Daphne, sh...
The Wind Blows Backward
This is the story of a girl growing up poor in a rich neighborhood, and finding herself falling in love with a boy she's known for years, who is completely out of her reach. While she grows closer to the man she's known for so long, she discovers exactly how deep their animosity runs, and how far they'll go to keep their secrets hidden. This books deals with a lot of growing up themes: first love, sex, and hormones. It's a wonderful "girl" book, and wi...
Wait Till Helen Comes
Molly and Michael, like most kids, weren't thrilled when their mom remarried, especially due to their creepy new stepsister, Heather, who seems determined to blame small problems on them and start fights. Exacerbating the problem is the new family's move to an old house (a converted church) in the country. There, Heather's eccentricities grow worse. Molly and Michael's possessions are destroyed and Heather begins talking to an invisible friend named "Hel...