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Hide Yourself Away
St. Martin's, Jul 2004, 19.95 ISBN: 0312323131 At KEY-TV, four interns compete for the position of assistant producer for the news show KEY to America. The rivals are all in Newport trying to persuade producer, B.J. D'Elia to select them. The least confident, but most needy of the rivals is thirty-two old single mom Grace Callahan. Besides feeling inadequate next to the competitors, Grace feels guilty that she left her preadolescent daughter L...
Nobody Knows
While doing a report on some rapes, Cassie Sheridan discovers the name of one of the victim's family and let it be known. Because of that the victim commits suicide. Cassie is then sent away from the center of career to do jobs that are below her usual status in the field of journalism. After relocating to her new job people begin to show up dead all over the place. In between trying to keep in favor with her daughter back home, but always having ...
Nowhere to Run
Annabelle Murphy has just recently returned to a producer job at Key News after dealing with her husband's mental state and her two twin children. One of the episodes she has been producing for the morning show has been detailing certain illnesses that can be life-threatening. And then one of the dangers mentioned comes to life. One of her very close friends dies with symptoms of Anthrax poisoning. Slowly, more people show signs of this horrible contamin...