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Love Lies
Victor Lawrence meets Ashley Lorentz when she literally runs into him with a wheel chair while he is visiting the mental hospital he is thinking of making a large donatation to. Although at first, he thinks Ashley is a patient at the hospital, he soon learns that she is just quirky, fun and totally unimpressed by his wealth. He thinks she is an antidote to his ex-wife and they begin dating. One evening, Ashley is at Victor's home to look after him b...
Undead and Unwed
Betsy Taylor is a recently unemployed secretary who gets killed and comes back as a vampire. She is, however, unaware of this for a while, until other vampires contact her. Two groups of vampires are at war, and one believes that Betsy is the prophesied vampire queen because she can do many things that normal vampires can't, such as going for days without blood. The group that believes she is the vampire queen would like her to ally with them, so that...

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