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Bone Harvest
Ballantine, June 2004, 23.95, 214 pp. ISBN 034546222x Fifty years ago in the farming area of Pepin County Wisconsin, someone killed the Schuler family murdering the parents, their four young children and a baby. Nobody was ever prosecuted for the crime but the victims were German and there was a lot of lingering resentment towards them because of what happened in WW II. Only the police and a reporter at the time know that the smallest finger fr...
Poison Heart
At a breakfast get together with friends, Deputy Sheriff Claire Watkins is told about the problems Margaret Underwood is having with her stepmother, Patty Jo Tilde, now that her father, Walter, has had a stroke and is in a nursing home. Later, Margaret calls Claire and asks her to go to Margaret's family home with her to speak with Patty Jo. Patty Jo is not keeping up the farm and plans to sell it to Daniel Reiner and auction off the household. Margaret ...