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His Touch
Mira, Feb 2003, 6.50, 384 pp. ISBN: 1551666863 Mayor Jessica Kincaid of Dallas still misses her late spouse though he died four years ago. She especially feels her loss since she began receiving obscene calls and email, and nasty packages. She has not told the police because she wonders if the two cops she suspended or the chief she fired are behind the incidents. Her best friend Veronica Nash has her husband Thurman, owner of a security firm,...
In Hot Water
Mira, Feb 2005, 6.99 ISBN: 0778321428 Maci Malone goes on vacation to Jamaica where she meets a hunk. The pair shares an incredible night of passionate lovemaking. Though neither expects a morning after, “Stan” and “Mildred” desire this to happen. However, there was none as both know they should have not indulged though they could not stop. They separately left for their respective home destinations never expecting to see one another again. ...
Like Silk
Mira, May 2002, 6.50, 384 pp. ISBN: 1551669021 Three years ago in Tennessee, Jackson was the family fair-haired boy on his way to a judgeship until the car accident left him paralyzed. The driver of the other vehicle Tommy Banks resides in jail for driving drunk, but swears he was slipped a Mickey. Now Jackson's stepbrother Collier Smith is the family member one step away from a federal bench appointment. Everything changes for Collier when ...
Pulse Points
Mira, Oct 2003, 6.50, 384 pp. ISBN: 1551667312 In Tyler, Texas Widow Kasey Ellis is stunned when someone kills her mentor and business partner Shirley Parker in the garage with Kasey witnessing the murder. However, she is unable to identify the killer as he lurked in the shadows. Kasey is shocked when she learns how close to bankruptcy the public relations firm is. Her only chance of saving the company resides in bad boy turned senate candid...

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Without You
Mira, May 2004, 6.50, 384 pp. ISBN: 0778320510 In Memphis, Detective Gomez questions club owner Jackson Cole as the last known person to see Roberta Klein alive. Jackson saw Roberta last night, but someone, and he is the prime suspect, strangled her. Jackson turns to his former fiancée, Hallie Hunter for legal help though she is not a criminal attorney. Besides being a divorce lawyer, Hallie wants to tell Jackson she cannot represent him bec...

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