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God Don't Like Ugly
God Don't Like Ugly is a story narrated by Annette Goode. Annette was a shy, overweight, dark-skinned young girl who's seen a lot of life at a very young age and yet she maintained a child naiveté. Having left Florida in the 1950s, Annette and her mother set up housekeeping in Ohio on the advice of a family friend, Scary Mary. In an effort of trying to make the ends meet, Annette's mother moves in a border, Mr. Boatwright. Mr. Boatwright, in the first ye...
Gonna Lay Down My Burdens
Carmen Taylor was always the level-headed friend out of them all. She would help any of her friends in trouble if they neede, and she did. Growing up in Belle Helene, Alabama all her life she and the whole town are pretty much a close knit community where everyone konows everyone. As a kid she has always liked a dude named Chester who by the way is her friend Kitty's brother. Kitty was always fast and kind of out there but she still remained her friend t...