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Earthling, 2002, 224 pp. ISBN: 1587492652 Nightmares disturb Diana Plaas as she feebly dreams of a man covered in blood lying on an altar with a woman on top of him sexually molested by a High Priest. Though she struggles to attain any decent sleep, Diana persuades herself that her dreams cannot predict the future though she envisioned the plane crash that killed her husband and his father. As a wizard sworn to protect the universal balance, ...
More Than Magick
Awe-Struck E-Books, May 2003 ISBN: 1587493764 On the Balance, though lifemates living together for the past couple of months, Diana and Win are still going down opposite paths. Diana the Adept, skilled in numerous Magick, detests the Goddess; Win the Mage is a dedicated servant to the Goddess. United in sharing their magical power makes them quite a force, but their dichotomous beliefs keep them from being all they can be. Diana dreams of a ...