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A Deadly Little Christmas
Caroline Rhodes, RN, becomes the target of a murderer after she witnesses a bombing on the psych ward of St. Anne's Hospital. A newcomer to town, Caroline battles her own emotions over the death of her husband while fending off the police who suspect her to be "The Mad Bomber" of little Rhineburg, Illinois....
Something Wicked in the Air
The discovery of a rune stone leads to murder at Bruck University's annual Renaissance Faire. Caroline Rhodes, RN, and professor of history Carl Atwater investigate when a friend comes under suspicion for the crime. Their suspects include, among others, the son of a powerful politician....
To Kill A King
Two days after Caroline Rhodes begins working in the ER of a Chicago suburban hospital, a fellow employee is found dead in bed, smothered by a lavender silk pillow. A second death results in the arrest of Caroline's close friend and ER nurse/manager, Molly O'Neal. Caroline forms a strange pact with an aging Mafia boss, then calls on her buddies from Rhineburg, Illinois, for help in the hunt for the real killer. Third book in the Caroline Rhodes mystery s...