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The Red Scream
Molly Cates is a crime reporter who has written a book about the brutal murders committed by Louie Bronk. He was referred to as the Texas Scalper because all his victims' heads were shaven clean. Days before Louie was due to be executed, Molly receives a message that Louie may not have committed one of the murders he confessed to. Molly's book focuses on this murder. She must find out if Louie is responsible for the murder. She begans by visiting t...
Zero At The Bone
Katherine Driscoll runs her own dog training and kennel business, but in three weeks she stands to lose everything to foreclosure. The worst of it all is that even her own dog will be included with the foreclosure. She had no hope of raising the money until she received a letter from her father. She hasn't seen or heard from her father in thirty years, yet he writes to her offering her enough money to save her property, business, and her dog. Soon a...