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On The Field With Mia Hamm
Mia Hamm was the youngest girl to play for the Women's U.S. team at age fifteen. She was interested in soccer ever since she was a little girl and her full name is Mariel Margeret Hamm. Her birthday is on March 17, 1972 and she moved around too much as a child. I respect her for that because even though she could never settle down for too long she still made friends and played sports. Also, not only was she awesome at soccer but she could play an...
Soccer Duel
Remmy is a moderately new kid to his town. A star player at his old middle school, he's stuck at the benches on the soccer team. But when the Yellow Hornet's center striker, Issac, gets injured, Remmy takes his place. His team won against the Yellowjackets, an undefeated team. Their star player, Bryce McCormack, acts friendly towards Remmy in the hopes of learning how far his skills go. By the third game of their two out of three play-off, they're ...
The Kid Who Only Hit Homers
Sylvester is a fanatic about the game of baseball. But he wasn't a very impressive player. That was until he met George Baruth. The man taught him how to play the game to the best of his abilities. He started hitting homers at every opportunity? But who is this mysterious Mr. Baruth? Does his name have anything to do with George (the Babe) Herman Ruth, the greatest baseball player ever?...
Tough to Tackle
This book was about a kid who played tackle in football. He was mad because he wanted to play quarterback. He was going to quit the team because his coach made him play tackle. He wrote to his brother telling him he wanted to quite the team. His brother told him not to quite because tackle was the most important position. So he stayed playing and his team got first place....

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