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Black Brillion
Tor, Nov 2004, 23.95, 272 pp. ISBN: 0765308657 Archonate Bureau of Security Agent Baro Harkless is a rookie. Baro believes he must prove to his superiors, his peers and more so to himself that he earned the job on his own merit and not his father's reputation. He sees his opportunity when notorious con artist Luff Imbry arrives in Sherit. Baro arrests Luff the but the rookie agent is shocked when his boss Arboghast liberates the felon and ass...
Fool Me Twice
Aspect, August 2001, 6.99, 287 pp. ISBN 0-446-60924-2 In the very distant future, Earth's sun has become orange signifying the aging of the solar system. In fact, the remaining inhabitants of the planet refer to it as Old Earth, which is governed by one man, The Archon Dezendah VII and his heir Filidor Vesh. Last Year (See FOOLS ERRANT) Filidor saved his uncle's life and rescued the world from an ancient evil that slithered in from another ...
Fools Errant
Aspect, Mar 2001, 6.99, 304 pp. ISBN: 0446609234 In Olkney, Filidor Vesh enjoys his hedonistic life, as one would expect from a young heir to the Archon, of Old Earth's human inhabitants. However, his fun time at the Logodaedalian Club ends when a dwarf Gaskarth informs Filidor that his Uncle Dezendah the Archon summons him. The lad tries to sneak away, but the persistent guide forces Filidor to accompany him on what is surely a FOOLS ERRAN...