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Area 7
In Area 7 we meet marines again who survived the Ice Station. Now Scarecrow, Mother and Fox do duty on Marine One, the President's helicopter. When the President visits Area 7, a top secret military installation that has the task to develop a vaccination against a new bioweapon, they suddenly have to fight for his life if they want to survive themselves. The commander of Area 7 tries to have the president killed. That is especially dangerous because if t...
MD Stephen Swain is just a regular guy caught up in an unbelievable situation. In the middle of a telephone call to his friend he is teleported to the New York State Library where an intergalactic battle is going on. He has a device on his wrist that when removed will self-destruct and the entire perimeter of the library including all exits has been electrified. The rules of the contest are simple, he must be the last man standing or else he cannot l...
Shane “Scarecrow� Schofield and his elite team of Special Forces operatives, including the woman who finally found a place into his heart, and a butt kicking older woman named “Mother� who has a fake leg. When they are dispatched to Siberia to help secure nuclear missiles from Islamic terrorists they find they are being pursued by teams of bounty hunters in a worldwide contest to kill 15 selected military leaders. Scarecrow in...