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This final book in the Halfmen of O trilogy sees one of the recently disbanded priests of Ferris forming visions of grandeur. He has discovered the secret of Freeman Wells' ancient weapon. The weapon is a weapon of mass destruction that threatens the very existance of O. His opposition also has the secret of the weapon and between the two of them they threaten to blow O out of existance. Susan's quest is now to venture to Freeman Wells' home in the t...
The Halfmen of O
New Zealander Susan Ferris has been marked by Freeman Wells. The mark he placed on her wrist sets her apart as the chosen one who is destined to bring back ballance to the land of O. Her destiny is revealed when Susan and her cousin Nicholas Quinn are kidnapped by the grizzly goldminer Jimmy Jaspers and brought to the land of O through a portal in the back of an abandoned mine. Susan escapes with the help of the woodland folk and learns she must embar...
The Priests of Ferris
Susan Ferris and Nicholas Quinn must return to the land of O that they saved from the halfmen in "The Halfmen of O". Now hundreds of years have passed in O and a cult calling themselves the Priests of Ferris are tormenting all other creatures from the land of O in Susans name. Susan and Nick need to find their onetime enemy now ally Jimmy Jaspers and his varg (giant mountain bear) Ben. with their help Susan must return to visit the birdmen and woodland...
Under the Mountain
Theo and Rachael are redheaded twins from New Zealand. They learn at an early age that they are different as they can each find objects the other has hidden by reading the thoughts of their companion. Their powers are discovered by Jones, a member of a wise alien race who is searching for just such a pair of twins to use as a powerful weapon that will kill off the wilberforces, another alien race imprisoned on earth whose single goal is to destroy and ...

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