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Barefoot Boy With Cheek
"Barefoot Boy With Cheek" provides a laugh-out-loud humorous look at college life. Though the novel takes place in the 1930's, readers can recognize the college scene of today with professors, advisors, Greeks, Scholars and Activists. Asa Hearthrug travels from his home in rural Minnesota to the University of Minnesota to begin his college education. He meets such memorable characters as the freshman advisor, who, in order to turn Asa into a well-ro...
I was a Teenage Dwarf
At the beginnng of this book, Dobie Gillis is short for his age. Actually, he is exactly average for his age of 13 years. But, ironically, every other boy at John Marshall junior high school is taller than him. This wouldn't bother him, except that all the GIRLS at the junior high are taller than him as well. Since his main interest is in dating and dancing, this poses a problem for him. Thus begins Dobie's quest for love (and height). Each chapt...
Potatoes are Cheaper
This novel takes place during the Great Depression, poverty was ubiquitous and people constantly were searching for ways to become wealthy. When Morris Katz and his cousin Albert enter the University of Minnesota, their goal is to meet rich, Jewish women, have sex with them and marry them, insuring that they will be taken care of for the rest of their lives. The two young men are not brilliant thinkers, yet each has his skills: Albert is a former heavy...
Sleep Till Noon
Harry Riddle grew up in a poor neighborhood in a tar-paper hovel on the wrong side of the tracks. His father, an out-of-work cap maker, tells him that the secret to a successful and happy life is "to get rich, sleep till noon, and screw 'em all [society]." Harry takes this advice to heart, especially since he does not feel that he fits in with the other children in his neighborhood, who enjoy engaging in criminal activities. He strives to better his s...

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The Zebra Derby
Asa Hearthrug returns in Max Shulman's post-WWII novel about a young returned soldier's attempt to make a living in the post-war world. Asa returns from the war, greeted by his parents and his girlfriend, Lodestone LaToole, who wants to settle down with him in their own house. First, however, Asa must seek his fortune so that Lodestone can afford to fill their home with the amazing post-war gadgets. He travels to Minnesota in search of work, where h...

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