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A Self-Portrait
Towards the end of her life there was general interest in May Sarton's career, her art form and her place in literature. Marital Simpson and Martha Wheelock interviewed May Sarton for a film "World Of Light: A Portrait of May Sarton," for posterity and this book is the transcript of that film. In the book it is possible to read May Sarton's comments on her poetry and to read the actual poems. ...
Journal of Solitude
This is the second journal written by May Sarton. The previous journal covered the poet's decision to stop sharing a house with her long time lover Judith Matlack and to move into a house of her own following the death of her parents. During this period May Sarton was undergoing a very productive period in terms of her writing and reviewing and felt that she needed solitude in order to write. The period of the books covers dealing with the death of h...
The House by the Sea
"The House by the Sea" is one of a seriess of journal swritten for publication by the poet May Sarton. This book follows "Plant Dreaming Deep" and "A Journal of Solitude" and concerns the first few years of her life when she moved from a small village in New England to New York in order to escape her problems. In this book she deals with the loss of her long time partner to senility, her struggles with her temper and with the events that have affected he...
The Poet and the Donkey
When we first meet the poet he has lost his muse and is unable to write any poetry. He struggles with what to do and then gets the crazy idea in his head that what he needs in a donkey in his barn. Once the donkey is there it is interesting and sometimes funny to see how Andy (the poet) learns things about himself and his muse....

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