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Love's Sound In Silence
Midge begins to fall in love with her arrogant, authoritative, handsome boss Brian, but does he only feel lust for her? Midge will find out as their courtship unfolds, if she can help him escape the prolbems of his past and his fears of commitment. Midge is hired as a copywriter by Brian, a wealthy publisher from an old and powerful Dutch New York family and owner of The New York Age, an old and venerable broadsheet in the city. To Midge, a small-town Mi...
Sweet Dawn of Desire
A New York editor is shocked to find herself falling for a client that she hates, and yet they must resolve the attraction and chemistry between them as the threat of death looms on the horizon. This is a typical and rather florid romance. Joy is in her late twenties, an attractive editor, who is in charge of a manuscript from a new author the publishing house has taken on, James. His last name is not Bond but there are more than a few similarities, incl...