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Second Helpings
In this sequel Jessica "not so" Darling is another year older but not so much wiser. She is still trying to deal with her overly helpful family, still wrestling with the question of to date or not to date Marcus Flutie, and still trying to tolerate her all too typical high school friends. When the time comes for Jessica to apply to college everyone thinks they know what's best; her family, her friends, her teachers, and her boyfriend. But what does Jessi...
Sloppy Firsts
Sixteen year-old Jessica Darling feels like nobody but her best friend Hope understands her. When Hope moves from Pineville, New Jersey to a small town in Tenessee Jessica is left feeling more alone than ever. Notlong after Hope's departure, Jessica starts having akward run-ins with the school's biggest drug addict. Her and said druggie get to know each other and find out a lot about themselves....