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She Went All the Way
In She Went All the Way, Lou Calabrese and Jack Townsend are two spurned lovers whose exes have eloped in a highly publicized Hollywood wedding. As the story begins, the two are flying to Alaska to film a movie (written by Lou, starring Jack). However, their pilot has been hired to kill Jack and after fighting with him on the plane, they crashland somewhere on Mount McKinley. As part of their adventure, they survive two Alaskan blizzards and escape Ja...
The Boy Next Door
The Boy Next Door is told through e-mails sent between the main characters. Mel Fuller is a gossip columnist struggling with the threat of being fired by Human Resources because of her constant tardiness. One day she finds her next door neighbor, Mrs. Friedlander, lying face down on her living-room carpet. Her neighbor's nephew, Max Friedlander is a famous photographer who does not want to leave his shoot to come home and take care of his aunt, so he s...