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Man Trouble
Warner, May 2004, 5.99, 32 pp. ISBN: 0446612847 Miami Herald reporter Carter McKee comes to Belden, Wisconsin to ask his pal college history professor Molly Shaw to help him gain an interview with billionaire hotel mogul Jake Berenger. Carter plans to write a bio on Jake, but needs an interview, something the wealthy hotelier never gives. He wants Molly to pose as her alter ego romance writer Sandra St. Claire in order to seduce the reclusive J...
Trust Me
Veterinarian Carly Martin has a soft spot when it comes to animals. And no animals need her more than the 35 pets left in her care after the eccentric millionaire Henry Tremayne falls and slips into a coma. Max Giordano his long lost grandson and self-made millionaire accuses Carly of having something to do with his accident because she has the best motive (in his will he left her his entire mansion, she could have wanted the inheritance since she isn't ...