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The Art of Seduction
Pocket, Aug 2000, 6.99 ISBN: 0743442725 In 1842 Kent, Dominick Carlisle makes love to the seductress wearing the domino, but is shocked to realize she had been a virgin. After she leaves, he finds the handkerchief she left behind containing the monogram A.S. Dominick thinks he made love to Annabelle Sutherland, but in actuality it was her sister Parris. Dominick becomes engaged to Annabelle only to catch her in bed with his brother. Dominick ...
The Mating Game
A steamy excerpt from an historical romance novel penned by the protagonist of this contemporary romance sets the pace for another lively romp by George. When weathy British sex scientist Dexter Harrington offers New York romance novelist Mallory Ginelli a handsome wage to travel to England and assist him with a project on human sexualty, Mallory accepts. She needs the money to pay off her sister's latest rounds of gambling debts but what she doesn't dar...
The Pleasure Seekers
Pocket, Nov 2003, ISBN: 0743442733 Though an Earl, Caine “Vice” Ballinger lives on the fringe of society ever since his father Henry committed suicide off the cliffs of Devon. Caine blames his sire's death on Duke Edward Ashton, who called in a debt that Henry could not pay off. The family home Northcote was sold on the auction block once its entail expired. Caine is angry and frustrated because he cannot do a thing to the man who destroyed h...