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Breach of Trust
Five Star, Jul 2003, 26.95, 288 pp. ISBN: 0786251689 In Seattle Jonathan Spencer senses his brain contains a Grand Canyon of a blank spot that feels as if he lost a major memory. His best friend informs Jonathan that they used to be psychic spies for the Navy when they were SEALs, but their memories were erased except that his buddy insists that he retained total recall. Jonathan cannot accept this weird explanation. Dr. Rian Farsante offers...
Mother of Pearl
In 1950 Petal, Mississippi, a number of lives are intertwined together through the presence of Joody Two Sun, a mysterious woman who seems to be able to uncover people's innermost secrets. Valuable Korner, the fifteen-year-old daughter of the town prostitute, is awed by Joody, and turns to the older woman when she finds that the process of womanhood is too complex for her to understand on her own. Even Grade, an African-American man who never knew his ...
The Eternal Trust
Five Star, Jun 2002, 26.95, 272 pp. ISBN: 0786242086 In Seattle, Boeing engineer Dorel Everly is laid off just two days after her beloved grandfather's funeral. Still in shock from the double blows, a monk visits Dorel at her home to give her an enclosed case that her grandfather entrusted to him. Dorel opens the case to see it contains a samurai sword. Desperate for money, Dorel leans towards selling the sword even if it is her gran...