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Melissa De la Cruz Message Board 1/1/2012
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Cat's Meow
Cat McAllister is turning twenty five (again), her birthday wish is to marry a rich man to supplement her depleted trust fund. A frivolous trust fund baby, she loves fashion and playing the role of an A-list actor. Although she now rates closer to the D- list she focuses on regaining the fame experienced as an infant model for Pampers. The diapers are long gone, as are the childhood sitcoms and television sets she grew up on. Cat has managed to col...
This is the story about a girl that is thrown into the world of supernatural creatures when she becomes a vampire and has to navigate the social and hierarchical scene to see where she fits even though treachery is everywhere within her new found family. Schuyler Van Alen becomes a blue blood vampire and now she has to throw her old life away for the new one, while trying to hold her own against schemes for power in the blue blood family. There are di...