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Persuading Annie
Avon, Aug 2004, 12.95, 339 pp. ISBN: 0060595809 For someone more accurate than a Swiss watch, when she missed her monthly period, Annie Markham assumes she is pregnant. She tells her boyfriend of two months nineteen years old Jake Mead, who reacts by asking her who the father is before collapsing at her feet. Annie and Jake argue even after she learns she is not pregnant over his reaction. They end their relationship although neither truly wan...
The Nanny
When nanny Jo Green turns 24 she finds herself reflecting on her life. She's totally bored living in the town of Niblet upon Avon and her romantic relationship with her long-term boyfriend Shaun is going nowhere. Although Shaun has repeatedly proposed to Jo, she has turned him down every single time. Although Jo cares for Shaun, she yearns for a different life than the one she is living. When Jo stumbles across an advertisement for a London nanny pos...