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Arianna's (Ari) life came crashing down when her mom was in a car accident. She had to drop out of school and start working in order to cover the bills while her mom is in a coma. But as the bills add up, she had to sell her mom's house and business. Ari feels guilt for her mom's accident and is determined to do everything she needs to do. Meanwhile, Ari has been looking for a job that will enable her to cover all the expenses. In desperation,...
Unexpected Treasure
A newly successful entrepreneur, Crew Storm, is propositioned by Haley Sutherland to teach her how to seduce men. Crew Storm and his siblings have cut off by their father from their trust funds until they prove they are have proven that they understand the value of hard work. Determined to prove himself Crew takes on the large task of restoring a failing island resort to its former glory. During the grand opening, Crew runs into a shy yet determined Hayl...