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Degrees of Guilt: Miranda's Story
Miranda's friend, Sammy, dies of cardiac arrest, caused by ecstasy. She becomes dependent on drugs to keep her going. After realizing that she is becoming an "honest-to-goodness drug addict," she throws all the pills away and figures out who put ecstasy in Sammy's drink. ...
Diary of a Teenage Girl: Road Trip
Multnomah, Jan 2004, 12.99 ISBN: 1590521420 The Christian rock group Redemption is on its way to fame and glory when it signs a major contract and tour as the opening act for the highly regarded male group, Iron Cross. As the trio travels the road by bus, they will find trials and tribulations riding with them. Chloe, Allie and Laura soon find the grind of touring taking its toll on each one of them. Laura seems off kilter, turning introspec...
Face the Music
Multnomah, May 2004, 12.99, 288 pp. ISBN: 1590522419 The female teenage Christian rock band Redemption has begun climbing the ladder of success and even becoming recognized in malls while on tour. However, the trio of high school students, Chloe Miller, Allie Curtis, and Laura Mitchell has other concerns besides the music though they each trust in the Lord to guide them. Allie and Laura wonder about what to wear at the prom while Chloe knows th...