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A Son of War
The second book in a series that started with The Soldier's Return follows Sam Richardson and his family in the seven years between 1947 and 1954. On his return from the World War II in Burma, Sam found that he and his wife, Ellen, had grown apart. The book ended with Sam's near departure from the small town of Wigton to Australia. Now, in 1947, they move carefully, each knowing that a misstep could destroy their marriage. The focus in A Son of War s...
A Time to Dance
“A Time to Dance� is a letter written by a 54-year-old man to the 18-year-old girl he is obsessively in love with. Several shorter letters shorter letters to him from the girl, Bernadette, and from his wife are quoted in full. The narrator, a bank manager with a month to go until retirement, is a member of a Rotary team judging essays. The unlikely winner in Bernadette Kennedy. The Kennedy family is reputed to be among the roughest in a rou...
Crossing the Lines
In the third novel in the series that began with The Soldier's Return, we find Joe Richardson on the eve of high school graduation. The series began with the return of Joe's father, Sam Richardson, from four years of fighting in Burma in World War II. Sam, born and bred working class, is torn between his desire to be close to his son and his desire for Joe to do better than he did. Sam has become the proprietor of the most popular bar in the working-c...
The Soldier's Return
It's 1946, and Sam Richardson is overjoyed to be reunited with Ellen, the beautiful woman he married, and then was separated from by the Burma campaign in World War II. She is equally glad to see him, and his six-year-old son, Joe, is ecstatic. But both Sam and Ellen have changed. The poor boy, who believed he had no future but unskilled work, has been a leader of men and has gained the respect of better-educated soldiers under his command. He wants mor...

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