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Behind the Mask
Mira, Dec 2002 ISBN: 1551669269 Though several years have passed, former Houston police officer Michael Sullivan still feels guilt over the death of his partner. Mike goes out of his way to help Pete's family. When Adam Webster offers a million dollars to find his missing wife and son, Mike accepts the offer though he finds his client distasteful. Mike sees the payoff as a means of assisting Pete's family. Mike tracks Adam's wife to New Orl...
Mira, Nov 2004, 650, 384 pp. ISBN: 0778320960 An anonymous phone caller informs DC TV investigative reporter Tess Abbott that her father Jodie Burns, who officially committed suicide in prison, did not kill himself or her mother twenty-five years ago. Tess thought her dad's death was justice, but the frightened woman on the other end of the phone leaves her with some doubts that she tries to ignore. Tess heads back to her hometown of Grady,...
Flash Points
Flash Point Mira, Dec 2003, 6.50 ISBN: 1551667142 Now living in New York, photographer Kelly Santos vowed to never return to her hometown of New Orleans where she was raised at St. Anne's Orphanage. Her ability to see the past and future ostracized her with the other children so it was not a happy time for her at the orphanage except for Sister Grace who gave the lass her first camera and plenty of solace. The only reason that would drag Kelly t...
The Kidnapped Bride
28 year old Lorelei Mason is set to walk down the aisle and marry her fiance, Herbert Van Owen III, when her former lover, Jack Storm, kidnaps her from her own wedding. Assisted by her sister, Desiree, who doesn't believe Lorelei truly loves Herbert, Jack plans on marrying Lorelei himself. Jack is determined to right a wrong. Ten years ago treasure hunter Jack Storm left Lorelei before the wedding in order to chase an elusive pot of gold. But Jack ha...

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