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Firebombers Incorporated
Firebombers Incorporated is a dramatic novel that tells the story of a billionaire entrepreneur who creates a high-tech wildland firefighting company after he loses his family in a forest fire. Spectacular wildland and suburban firefighting is conducted by this large, privately-owned firefighting organization which uses leading-edge technology to perform pinpoint airstrikes, day or night. Firebombers Incorporated begins by recounting the love billiona...
Firestorm is a dramatic novel of adventure, intrigue, and romance in Central America. The story is about a large, high-tech American wildland firefighting company called Firebombers Incorporated which is facing bankruptcy. In a last-ditch attempt to save the company, its members journey south to Central America in hopes of winning a long-term firefighting contract from a local government. Shortly after they arrive, however, they become embroiled in an up...