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Red Rain
Viking, May 2002, 25.95, 286 pp. ISBN 0670030802 There is nobody like Luther Ewing AKA Five-Oh on the Baltimore County Police Department. He's a narcotics detective whose heritage of a black father and a Vietnamese mother makes him look like the suspects he busts. He served in the Army's Special Forces in the Gulf War. After he left the service, the CIA hired him to work as a mercenary in Bosnia. He saw and did a lot of things that ...
The Bite
Viking, June 2003, 23.95, 288 pp. ISBN 067032220 He served in the Special Forces as a black-ops agent before mustering out. The CIA hired him as a free lance mercenary to fight in Sarajevo. When he received a severe head injury while in service to his country, the agency obtained a job for him in the Baltimore County Police Department. After his last case, when he went outside the box and did something illegal but very just (see RED RAIN), Lut...