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Barracuda Final Bearing
Set around 2015, this exciting military thriller centres around Japan attempting to invade Greater Manchuria - a new country formed from parts of Russia and China - to seize nuclear weapons stockpiles. When the special forces attack fails and a neutron bomb is used, the US condemns Japan and sets up a naval blockade in the Pacific. When a massive shooting war erupts, it is up to submarine commander Michael Pacino and his SEAWOLF-class sub fleet to preven...
Piranha Firing Point
In this exciting follow-on from BARRACUDA FINAL BEARING, China splits into two warring factions - pro-communist Red China and pro-democracy White China. As Asia explodes into a major firefight, Red Chinese forces hijack Japanese submarines and attack US forces sent to fight on the side of White China. When several carriers are sunk, it seems that only ace submarine commander Admiral Michael Pacino and a brand new experimental sub the SSNX DEVILFISH can s...