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Michael Grant Message Board 1/1/2012
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GONE is about life when everyone over 15 vanishes, and kids are trapped under a dome called the FAYZ. GONE's main character is Sam Temple, a 14-year-old boy living in Perdido Beach, who has to defeat Caine, his lost twin. Sam meets up with Astrid Ellison, Quinn Gaither, and Edilio Escobar. He saves a hardware store and a day care from a fire, then leaves with his friends to find Astrid's autistic brother Pete. They find him at the Perdido Beach Nuclea...
HUNGER is the sequel to GONE, about the town Sam Temple lives in running low on food and the Gaiaphage (this evil thing) getting angry. The main character of HUNGER is Sam Temple, a 15-year-old running the town of Perdido Beach. Three months ago, the town experienced the disappearance of everyone over 15, however Sam and his evil brother Caine survived. Some kids break into the town's nuclear plant so they can control the town electricity. After endi...