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Squire Throwleigh's Heir
Finally! Our erstwhile hero, Sir Baldwin Funshill is getting married! Funshill, who is Keeper of the King's Peace” is busy preparing for the big day in 1321, but, as usual, something comes along--always in the form or a murder or two--to distract him from his personal pursuits! Roger, Squire of Throwleigh, has died, which leaves young Herbert as the squire's heir. Herbert is all of five years old and now is the center of a dangerous struggle fr...
The Last Templar
In 1316, the new baliff of Lydford Castle Simon Puttock is called to investigate a burned-out cottage where a body was found. Sir Bladwin Furnshill, a knight recently returned from abroad, persuades Simon that it was no accident. The victim was killed before the fire started. As Simon and the quiet but intelligent Sir Baldwin look for more evidence, word comes of another murder - a clergyman who was undoubtably burned alive. The baliff and the knight...
The Moorland Hanging
Michael Jecks is a writer of more than 20 medieval novels. This is his third installment in the Knight Templar Mystery series. They had all joined taking three vows: poverty, chastity, and obedience...for they were monks: warrior monks, dedicated to the protection of pilgrims in the Holy Land-until stories spread by an avaricious king who wanted their wealth for his own destroyed the order. There was one knight, however, who escaped the stake, vowing...
The Outlaws of Ennor
Returning from their pilgrimage in Spain, Sir Baldwin Furnshill and his friend Bailiff Simon Puttock become separated during a pirate attack that shipwrecked them on the bleak, scattered islands of The Scillies (off the South West British coast) in 1323. When "rescued" by the master of the islands, Ranulph de Blancminster, Simon is drawn into the investigation of the death of the local tax collector. The sword of his friend, Sir Baldwin, is found near t...

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