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The Ironclad Alibi
Berkley, Jan 2002, 22.95, 320 pp. ISBN 0425183254 Harrison Raines was the son of a powerful and rich plantation owner in Virginia. He was the second son who wanted for nothing and was secure in his family's love. Unfortunately for Raines, he could not close his eyes to the evils of slavery and when he was twenty-one he freed the slave his father gave him as a birthday present. Harrison left the family home and moved, with his freed sl...
The Uninvited Countess
Berkley, August 2002, 6.50, 272 pp. ISBN 0425185826 Former newspaper columnist turned art dealer Bedford Green is not financially solvent. Greenwich Village in 1925 New York City is jumping even if the gallery Bedford owns is not. Through his assistant, the beautiful Sloane Smith, Bedford is invited to a Vanderbilt society event in Newport, Rhode Island. The family wants him to find out anything he can about a Hungarian using the name of Countes...