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Before the Storm
The story begins with the New Republic beginning negotiations with a new alien race, the Yevetha. Princess Leia, who is at the time President of the New Republic, is in discussions with the Yevetha representative/leader, Viceroy Nil Spaar. The discussions turn out to be a ruse--Nil Spaar is only interested in testing the resolve of the New Republic before the Yevetha begin a large campaign of destruction and conquest. Meanwhile, Luke Skywalker is gett...
Emprise Trigon Disunity 1
An alien message has arrived on a energy-hungry Earth, where science is seen as the main cause of the energy crisis. After much discussion a Earth Consortium is made to prepare for the alien arrival at Earth, yet only the top posts in the Consortium know about the alien message, the rest of the population think it is a worldwide attempt to generate more energy and create more scientists. Consortium members are not sure of the intentions of the alie...
Shield of Lies
Book Two is broken up a little unusually. The first part of the book is dedicated solely to Lando's story. He and his team have snuck on to the mystery ship, but are stuck there with means of communication and no way to control the ship. The second part of the book continues Luke's journey with Akanah in search of the Fallanassi. They journey from planet to planet, picking up clues as they go, but Luke begins to question Akanah's motives and whether s...
Tyrant's Test
In the final book, Luke and Akanah find the Fallanassi on one of the worlds that Yevethan attacked. Some of Luke's questions are answered about The White Current, and some are not. When Chewbacca learns that Han Solo has been taken hostage by the Yevetha, he mounts a rescue daring and dangerous mission with members of his wookiee family. Lando and his team make some ground in learning to communicate with the ship, but continue to be trapped aboard ...

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Bantam, Nov 2002, 66.99, 400 pp. ISBN 0553298240 He is an obsessed scientist focusing on one goal, to prove that the mind and personality is unique using the scientific method. Jonathan accepts a position at the university of Michigan because they have the equipment he needs to map brain activity and photograph minds. He is so enthusiastic about his quest that he has most of the students and faculty volunteering to be research subjects. At a...

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