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Oyster Blues
Pocket, Feb 2004, 6.99 ISBN: 0743477316 Waking up to a hangover in the Dominican Republic, loser sleuth Harry Harper pulls out his gun and fires at two bugs scoring more than he was. His bullets go through the thin walls and kill the “lover” of his landlady. Harry is on the lam though he remains unaware that he murdered a chicken. He agrees to sail back to the states with a coffin containing obviously a corpse (hint: nothing is obvious when it...
Tattoo Blues
I Books (Pocket) April 2004, 19.95, 298 pp. ISBN 0743486560 Cedar Key is a small self contained place which has been undiscovered by developers and where nothing much ever happens. When Desiree Dean, a rich college student who left home to live her own life, not the one that is expected by her father. She decides to get a tattoo at Pimlico Phil's tattoo parlor and she believes she's getting one that says Golden Dragon but at the strip where she...