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Anil's Ghost
The novel is set amongst the civil war in Sri Lanka where organized murder campaigns bring disappearances to all sides of the war. Anil is a forensic anthropologist, returning to Sri Lanka, sent by an international human rights organisation to investigate these deaths. She sets out with a local forensic doctor to discover the identity of a skeleton unearthed in a government archaeological site. An intriguing trip into forensic methods in which Anil a...
In the Skin of a Lion
Patrick moves to Toronto looking for work, and finds work only as a searcher, seeking out the location of the vanished, eccentric millionaire Ambrose Small. To find Small, Patrick forms a relationship with Small's former lover, an actress named Clara, with whom he feels madly in love. Small leaves Patrick to return to Small, whose location she's known all along. Patrick tracks Small down, demanding only Clara, and Small tries to kill him. During hi...
The English Patient (Romance)
"The English Patient" is a novel of overload. It is filled with images, poetical descriptions and overwhleming emotions. The story revolves around a burned spy pilot and his emotionally fragile nurse, Hana, after the second World War. The love story of the 'English' patient takes the reader on a series of passionate flashbacks that will eventually piece together his past and identity. Hana's romance remains in the present of the novel--her growing lo...
The English Patient (Literature)
No one knows who the English patient is, not even his Canadian nurse, Hana. He ends up in a hospital/villa in Tuscany,Italy during World War II claiming that he has no recollection of his identity. The English patient has been burned beyond recognition and he is haunted by his own memories of the past. The British officers who control the territory need to know his identity as they believe that he might be a Nazi. Hana quickly bonds with the burned ...

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