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Dangerous Games
Onyx, Jan 2005, 6.99, 400 pp. ISBN: 0451411692 A killer abducts a victim, incarcerates them in the vast sewage system beneath the city, and if not paid leaves them to die in the rain. The media dubs this vicious murderer the Rain Man. As the forecast calls for new storms, the FBI assigns Agent Tess McCallum to stop the killer before he kills again. Madeline Grant reaches Tess by calling the hot line set up to get tips on the Rain Man. She i...
In Dark Places
Robin Cameron is on the verge of a medical breakthrough for mental patients. But first she must go into their minds to see just what makes them tick. One of these patients is Justin Grey, a serial killer of teenage girls. The only reason Justin has signed on for the experiments is to plan his escape. Another patient is LAPD cop Alan Brand. Brand is repressing memories of his last night on the streets. Brand has a secret, that nobody, especially not Robin...
Last Breath
Signet, Dec 2001, 6.99, 400 pp. ISBN: 0451205013 By the time she turn ten, C.J. Osborne decides she no longer needs a babysitter and following months of begging her parents give in to her demand. They leave her alone one evening on their Mohave Desert ranch. This makes C.J. feel very grown up until she notices a light just outside the window. An intruder invades her house, but not before C.J. takes refuge in the crawl space. She manages t...
Next Victim
Onyx, Dec 2002, 6.99, 384 pp. ISBN 045120753X A little over three years ago, a serial killer nicknamed Mobius killed four women in the Denver area. FBI agent Tess McCallum, assigned to the Denver bureau, was working the case when Mobius decided to take her out. He got into her apartment but instead of killing Tess who wasn't there, he killed her lover and partner. Two years have passed and Mobius has resurfaced in Las Angeles by killing thre...

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Stealing Faces
Kaylie McMillan is a victim of time, and her time is running out. She is pursuing a man from her past, and when time and circumstance exchange places, the hunter becomes the hunted. John Cray is a brillant killer haunted by an obsession to demystify his female victims by literally taking off their faces after a horrifying game he plays with them in the distant reaches of the Arizona desert. If Kaylie has her way, she will be the one to stop him before ...

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